Prescriptions Refills

If you are calling for prescription refill, please allow 48 hours and then contact your pharmacy to see if completed. Calls received after 4:00 p.m. will be handled on the following business day. If you have not been seen by one of our physicians within the last 12 months, a refill may not be authorized.

Please make sure you leave the following information when you are requesting a refill:

  • Patients full name (with spelling of last name)
  • Patients date of birth
  • Your name (if not the patient)
  • Phone number where you may be contacted
  • Drug allergies
  • Pharmacy name and phone number

To leave a message requesting a refill, you may call 423-267-6738; dial the following extension for your physicians' nurse as soon as you hear the audio attendant come on:


Dr. Chris St Charles              270

Dr. Todd Fowler                    264

Dr. Peter Hunt                      267

Dr. Doug Liening                   260

Dr. Robert Mynatt                 251

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