Billing and Insurance

The Associates in ENT are enrolled as providers in a large number of insurance plans but we do not participate in all.  If you have any questions concerning our participation in your plan, please call your insurance company.  We are also available to help you by calling our office at 423-267-6738.  

Proof of Insurance:

You will need to bring your insurance card with you every time you have an appointment.  Please inform the front desk of any changes in insurance coverage that has occurred since your last visit.

Insurance Referrals:

If your insurance company requires a referral for you to be seen by a specialist, please contact your primary care physician to obtain a referral before your appointment.  Make sure your referral is current each time you schedule an appointment.  Please fax your referral to 423-209-9106 prior to your appointment.

Preauthorization and Verification:

We accept most major insurance plans and will file your insurance claim for you.  Your participation in this process is necessary so that you can receive full benefits from your policy.  Prior to your appointment, you may want to call your insurance company at the number listed on the back of your card and confirm that we are enrolled providers.  You can also confirm this with one of our telephone operators when making the appointment.

Associates in ENT will strive to comply with all requirements of your insurance plan and assist you with any determination of benefits, pre-certification and medical necessity, however, it is your primary responsibility to be informed of your coverage and eligibility.

Workers' Compensation:

Associates in ENT does not make any patient appointments where medical services will be covered by a worker's compensation policy.

Medicare Coverage:

We are enrolled as providers in the Federal Medicare Plan and take some of the private medicare plans, however, there are medicare HMO plans that we do not take.  Please be specific when making your appointment and state the name of your plan, whether it is the Federal plan or a private medicare plan.  We will also need to know if you have a supplement plan so that we can bill both your primary and secondary insurance.

Discount Insurance Cards:

We do not accept any discount cards.  These are usually issued from companies that are not licensed insurance companies and they attempt to reduce payments for medical services that are below standard.

Auto Insurance Coverage:

We do not treat patients as a result of an auto accident if the injury is covered by the auto insurance.


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